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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's All About the People!!!

Our recent 10 days in Oregon have answered that age old question - "What do you like most about letterboxing?"

At Live & Breathe, we met the most awesome boxers - DeniseRows (who embarrassed us with her excitement when meeting us,) SandiBox and daughter, Miss Moon, SHH and Triple T, the GA contingent who impressed us with both their boxing abilities and their friendship (Hi 123 Family!), Poodle Dudes & Spiral Seeker, Shiloh, Wassa and so many more that we met, exchanged and spoke with for a few minutes. And the most excellent Live & Breathe committee - who pulled off what we feel is the most important gathering besides that very first one held in Killington, VT with those original letterboxers back in the day!

And then - Sue & I went to the coast for 6 days where we met more wonderful people! The restaurant owner who gave Sue a petrified shell when she asked about finding agates on the beach, Roy & Kay - volunteers at the Depot Bay Whale Center who showed Sue & I our very first whale as we were gazing at the Pacific in one of those lovely pulloffs that dot the coast, Yiker & Spike and their family who took us under their wing for a day of boxing, made a terrific lunch and shared their love of family and the area in Corvallis, and Heron A Foot who shared her playground in the Heceta Lighthouse area (pictured above) and, along with her husband Eran, showed us how to hunt for edible mushrooms while boxing (they were delicious in an omelette I made the next morning!) Yiker and Heron gave up their precious time to spend a day with us and Sue & I are so appreciative to have shared that special time with them; allowing us to get to know them better and, as usual, parting as more than just boxers but friends.

So where is this all leading, you ask? Sue & I planted 5 new boxes in Oregon (besides a new addition to the Musician's Series in Portland - Thanks Gamecock!) and we're going to call them "Memories of Oregon" and each box will be dedicated to one of those amazing people we met along the way. We hope to have the clues up in a few days. The places we planted them are very special to us but the people to whom they are dedicated are even more special!

posted by Mark and Sue at Tuesday, September 23, 2008