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After finding our initial box in June 2002, we have since found letterboxes in 18 states and placed them in 13 states; 4 countries: Aruba, Bermuda, The Netherlands, Great Britain; and on a cruise ship! Thanks for stopping by our website and we appreciate your continued support.

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

It's Over!!!

That's right - our hiatus is over!

We've been away on the Bermuda Letterboxing Cruise and since we've returned it's been so hot and humid here in Pineconeville that we haven't made it up to our non-air-conditioned computer room except for short periods of time.

With this newest cool front that moved in today, we're typing and ready to go!

Where to begin . . .

* The First Ever Letterboxing Cruise!!! was a huge success (if we say so ourselves!) Great weather except for a few rocky days at sea. Our 3 days in Bermuda were sunny and warm. The boxes planted on the ships were very creative in nature - both in hiding places, carving and clues.

Many of the 37 passengers want to do this again so Pinecone Adventures is looking into The Second Ever Letterboxing Cruise!!! to take place in 2010 with possibly Alaska as our destination. We're just starting to research that and will invite the whole letterboxing public once the cruise line, dates and itinerary are chosen. Alaska is a place Sue & I have wanted to travel so we'll see how the cruise develops.

Watch this blog for more of our Bermuda cruise trip later.

* We begin work now on our next Pinecone Adventure - the Bed & Boxing weekend event that will take place the weekend of November 14 to 16. I will begin working on a webpage with all of the rates and inns as well as the itinerary for the event. Look for that later this week.

Our original deadline for reservations was August 1 but you can't register without info, right? Our new deadline for calling the inns will be September 1. You must call the inn of your choice and pay 1 night's deposit to be included in this event. At the time of this story, there are 68 people scheduled for this event. We hope you will join us for this special weekend of boxing where you will be pampered at one of 3 historic inns with your favorite people - letterboxers!

Plans are underway for some great new boxes that will debut that weekend by some of the most creative people in this pastime.

* Sue & I are pleased to announce the engagement of our son, Steve, to Katie! You've read about Steve and Katie in many of our blog stories relating to VT. Katie's parents, letterboxers know as The 2 Putts, came on the Letterboxing Cruise with us and were our constant companions, along with travel partners Deanne & Dave. Sue & I got a great opportunity to spend some quality time with her parents and really get to know them. Katie's mother really got to know me but that's one of those embarrassing moments that can't be shared here!

We're thrilled to have Katie as part of our family and her parents as well. We look forward to many adventures with the 2 Putts as well as the fun of watching the wedding plans unfold.

* We're signed up for the weekend Murder Mystery Boxing at Austin Hill Inn from August 15 to 17. Austin Hill Inn is located in beautiful West Dover, VT - only several miles from our VT home. I contacted the owners when I noticed that they were advertising letterboxing weekends. After meeting with them and tons of emails, these series of events came about.

While you may not know them, Debbie & John, owners, are very much into letterboxing. John has done extensive research and we've helped and advised wherever needed. They are making sure that letterboxers receive the handout created by Sojourner that gives a nice overview and some Do's & Don'ts about letterboxing along with some terms and definitions.

This will be a fun weekend to attend. Just a few weeks ago, they sent us a preview of 5 special boxes that will premiere at the event. The clues are good and the locations are some of our most favorite! We hope you have the time to attend one of these events. One took place in July, there's the one we'll be attending in August and one more scheduled for September.

posted by Mark and Sue at Sunday, August 03, 2008