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Thursday, January 04, 2007

We Remember A President . . .

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He was the only man in our history who served as both Vice President and then President of the United States that was not elected by the people. Gerald Ford said because of that very fact, he owed no favors and would make decisions that were the best for the country.

President Ford was the perfect person to heal this nation from the ravages of the Watergate scandal and the ensuing resignation of President Richard Nixon. He was a man of honor and decency. In a recent CNN tribute, I learned something I had never known about this man. He is looked on as a hero to the Southern Vietnamese who he allowed to come to this country after the end of the Vietnam War. A very unpopular decision at the time, many South Vietnamese war victims were allowed to enter the US and eventually make their home here. It was the honorable thing to do in his opinion and he touched the lives of those many new American citizens from Vietnam.

This week, on the Great Lakes Talk List, Mrs. Doglvrs wrote a stunning and moving post about their family's trip to pay their respects to President Ford's family as he lie in state in Michigan before his burial. We have included it here on our blog for our readers with the author's permission. Click President Ford's image to be taken to the webpage that contains this wonderful memory. Thanks, Angel, for allowing us the honor of posting your thoughts here.

posted by Mark and Sue at Thursday, January 04, 2007