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Friday, July 30, 2004

Help is on the Way - for Newbies!

Laurette, Phantom Phiddler from RI, emailed me this morning, asking what I thought about a series of educational posts that could be placed on our New Letterboxers List. I wrote back and told her the idea was great.

Laurette will organize these monthly posts that will deal with those issues veteran letterboxers take for granted: how to rehide a box, carving a stamp, how to write clues, how to post clues, personal stamps and hitchhikers. An introductory post has been made on most lists, soliciting info from other veteran letterboxers.

Phantom Phiddler has named these monthly, educational posts, Letterboxing 101. We will be cataloging these posts here on our website on a new page, aptly called Letterboxing 101. Since the Time Magazine article on letterboxing of last week, we have seen 42 new members on the Newbie list in the past week. These monthly educational posts should go a long way in educating our new letterboxers. If you have an idea for this series or would like to write an article, email me or Laurette.

posted by Mark and Sue at Friday, July 30, 2004